Admin & Human Resource Services

We cater to services and support companies’ basic HR requirements to advance, from organizing the organization structure to compensations and appraisal systems.
Our services are always driven by a faithful commitment to efficiently contributing to its client’s objectives and fulfilling its social responsibilities.


Personnel Support

Recruitment & Hiring Outsourcing

It basically includes; Advertising, Network Search, Interviews, and Final selection. Selection is gauged on experience, technical qualification, proficiency, know-how, training, and education.

Personal Support 

  • Payrolling & Time Sheet analysis
  • GOSI Employment Registration and Contract
  • QIWA Employment Registration & Contracts
  • Mudad Employment Contract
  • Employee Accommodation & Transportation
  • Medical & Social Insurance
  • Government Affairs and Legal Documentation
  • Skills testing and skilled contract labor
  • Saudi Labor Law Consultation

Government Relations

  • Employment (block) working visa
  • Business Visit Visa,
  • Issuance/renewal of Residence Permits
  • Issuance/renewal of Work Permits
  • Single/Multiple Exit/Reentry visa applications
  • Processing of Final Exit Visas
  • Cancellation of Visas
  • Pilgrimage Authorization
  • Change of Profession
  • Vehicle Registration and driving licenses
  • Obtaining Certifications from different government agencies

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Admin & Human Resource Services
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