Safa Al Qamar Technologies an entity based in GCC, United Arab Emirates & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are offering End-to-End solutions of IT Services, Webdevelopment & from Establishing to its Execution with expert consultants and account managers

Who We Are

We Safa Al Qamar Technologies, an entity based in GCC, United Arab Emirates & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managed by skilled professionals its commencement, developing day by day and maintaining the business values. We offer a wide range of services for the ever-changing needs of its clients and the Middle East Market

consultant business services

Business Establishment Services

Establishing your own business with 100% ownership. by registering various platforms and completing various processes

Business Support Services

After Opening Your own business with 100% ownership. by registering we also provide various additional services . These services are typically

Admin & Human Resource Services

We cater to services and support companies’ basic HR requirements to advance, from organizing the organization structure to compensations

Logistics Support Services

Extending travel services assistance is also one of JV’s services. It provides and assists clients in planning and organizing flight itineraries.

Website Development

With a team of skilled developers, designers, and digital strategists, we take pride in offering comprehensive website


Our suite of IT services covers networking, system administration, and desk support, ensuring your operations are seamless, secure, and optimized.

About our company

We are a source and service provider for Multinational and Local companies based in GCC Region. We lay successful and smooth entries for organizations with high-quality profiles in the GCC commercial market. We are offering End-to-End solutions from Establishing to its Execution with expert consultants and account managers. We serve the governmental & private sectors with our diversified expertise in providing Solutions and Services, i.e. Businesses, Engineering, , IT, Telecom, Banking, Construction, Project Management & Consulting, Operations & Maintenance, and providing Logistic Support Services.

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Elizabeth Sofia

Safaalqamar IT and Human Resource Services have been instrumental in transforming our staffing process. Their team's expertise in both IT solutions and HR strategies has helped us find the right talent efficiently.

Jillian J. Dooley

While their HR services have simplified our recruitment process. The team's professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering results make them a valuable partner."

Freda B. Walker WordPress Dev.

Their innovative IT solutions have enhanced our productivity, and their HR services have brought us top-tier candidates.


"Choosing Safaalqamar IT and Human Resource Services was a game-changer for us. Their IT expertise has optimized our systems, and their HR solutions have helped us build a high-performing team.


"Safaalqamar IT and Human Resource Services stand out as a true partner in our growth journey. Their IT solutions have modernized our operations, and their HR services have connected us with talented professionals.

Logistics Support Services

logistic support services dubai

Marketing Services

marketing services dubai

Software Development

it services dubai

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